Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Minute Prologue /// Update

Is it weird that, at the last minute, I've decided to write a Prologue for Bloody Lovely: In the Clutches?  I don't know what exactly brought it on; I was outside, talking on the phone with a friend that's following the books, and I got the sudden urge to write a Prologue, and even a pretty clear idea of what I was going to make it about. 

When the writing on the book started, I intentionally avoided writing out a Prologue; I didn't think it would be necessary.  I still don't think it's necessary actually, but I do like the idea of the scene that came to mind, and I think that it would add something good to the book itself. 

I think another reason the idea came to mind was so that it gave me something to write.  At the point that we're at in the story, me and LJ have 14 chapters left, plus the Epilogue.  We split them up about half, me taking 7 chapters and LJ taken 7 chapters, plus the Epilogue.  Unfortunately, because they're so mixed in, I got done the first two chapters assigned to me, and now I have to wait for three of LJ's chapters before I can continue with my own.  Not that I mind waiting for her; I want her to take her time and do the chapters to the best of her abilities, the same as I do.  It can just be a little frustrating me for me because I actually want to write out something now, and I don't have anything to write.

So I'm going to be starting on a Prologue today (I have, like, a sentence written right now) and if it turns out good, then I'll send it to LJ and see if she likes it.  If she does, we'll put it in the book at the beginning. 

I guess I've already sort of covered what's going on with my writing right now, but just as a bit more of an in depth update:

The rest of the first Bloody Lovely book is planned out, and me and there are going to be 52 total chapters, plus and epilogue and, potentially, a prologue.  We're both working on the chapters together, and hopefully things will be done soon and we can get into editing (I'm breaking the rules and I'm going to begin editing almost immediately after finishing the book).  About halfway through the editing, me and LJ will also probably start work on the second book: Dancing with Danger, which takes us away from the original characters from the first book and shows us new characters, one of whom we introduced toward the end of the first book.  I'm really looking forward to writing the second book, because the setting gives us a lot more room to move around with.  There's going to be a lot more drama and romance in this book, and I think I can speak for both myself and LJ when I say we're going to have a lot of fun writing it!  (Which, of course, isn't to say we didn't have fun with In the Clutches.  We certainly did.)

Along with the progress being made on the Bloody Lovely book, I've also made a tiny, itty bitty dent into Phantasm, though at this point I'm not sure where I'm going to be taking that book.  I'd had an idea originally, but I scrapped it due to a lack of originality.  Hoping that I have somewhere to go, not only with that book, but also with the others I'd planned to put in that series.  If not, I can certainly figure something else out with them, maybe do a bunch of individual books that aren't related.

That's what's going on with my writing, though; a lack of something to do, even though I've finally got the will to do it.  I'm also re-reading the Harry Potter series.  Just finished HPSS today, and am going to start HPCS later. 

Well, that's all that I have to say for now.  Hope you all found this...interesting? lol.

~Maddi J.


  1. hahaha, you sound uber professional XD

    I like how you have everything planned out, and hopefully LJ won't take too long. That way you can write again while your still in the mood to:)

  2. XP I'm cheating, actually. I started a chapter yesterday that I probably shouldn't write until she's got hers done.

    And I don't see how I sound professional. o.O