Monday, July 4, 2011

Skipping Around

How do you guys feel about skipping around during writing?

As it is, this is something I'm considering doing right now.  I've gotten to a point in the book where I want to add a couple more chapters (two or three) before I get to the BIG scene that I've been looking forward to, probably above all the others, save for one.  And I'm sure I can write them, and it wouldn't necessarily be a problem.  I just feel like writing something that sounds legitimately fun to write would be what I need to get myself out of this little writing lull I'm in.

So, good or bad idea, in your opinion?  I doubt that getting back in the swing of that point in the story would be a hard task to accomplish once I'm done with the part that I'm looking forward to writing.  But I've never done a lot of jumping while writing, so I really wouldn't know for sure.  Have any of you had experience?  Is it hard?

Well, that's really all I had to say.  I write most of the dreaded scene today.  And guess what?  I'm posting a clip of the following chapter so you guys can get a taste of my writing.  HERE WE GO:


Clip From Chapter 31 of Bloody Lovely: In the Clutches

    Lily was at a loss for words.  Tears were running freely down her face and she almost seemed to be having troubles breathing as the sobs rocked her body.
    “It’s alright,” Ash said, putting a hand awkwardly onto her shoulder and squeezing lightly.
    Looking up at the rest of the cell, Ash made eye contact with a girl across the room.  She gave him an apologetic look and shook her head.
    “I’ll be right back,” he said softly to Lily.
    Turning away from her, he walked across the cell to the girl and sat down next to her.  She had ebony skin and long, black hair that fell around her face in a stiff, bushy manner.  Deep brown eyes glinted back at him and full lips tightened a little.
    “Hey,” Ash said.  “I’m Ashley.”
    “I know who you are,” the girl said.  “I’m Monique.”
    “Monique, could you maybe tell me what happened to Lottie?” Ash asked.
    “Your blonde friend?  Not really sure,” she said.
    “Well, did anything else happen after the guards got called in that you know of?”
    ‘They were in there for a while and then some came back out,” Monique said.  “Some of them stayed in the shower room.  Then I heard the worst screaming.  You couldn’t imagine how terrible it was.”  Looking straight into Ash’s eyes, Monique shook her head.  “I don’t know what they’re doing to your friend, but I will be praying for her.”
    Ash stood stiffly, biting the inside of his lip.  “Thank you,” he said to Monique, bowing his head in direction before turning from her.
    “Are you alright?” Lily asked as Ash returned.  She herself looked worse off than him, her eyes rimmed in red and her chest jumping every now and then as she hiccupped.
    “No,” Ash said plainly.
    “What’d she say?”
    “The same thing as you,” Ash said.  “Plus the bit on the end that you couldn’t quite get out.  I’m not sure if I want to know what they’re doing to her.  I’m just going to kill them when they get back.”
    Lily walked up and wrapped her arms around Ash’s broad shoulders and pulled him into a hug.  He let her, putting an arm lightly around her middle, but stayed mostly stiff in her arms.
    “It’ll be alright,” she said.
    “You don’t know that,” Ash said.  “They could be doing something truly horrible to her.  For all we know they could be killing her.  They-”
    “Ash, I’d really rather not think about that,” Lily said, looking suddenly panicked.  “Please, I’m begging you: just…just don’t talk about it right now.  I want to hope for the best.  Even if it’s horrible, it’s better than that.”

So that's a little clip from Chapter 31, which I just started today.  I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out.

I actually haven't finished Chapter 30, but that one's not a question: I just can't write that whole thing in one sitting.  It's too horrible.  Ugh...

So, if you could please tell me how you feel about the skipping around and also what you think of the clip.  Much appreciated.

~Maddi J.


  1. I am a planner and have a very structured writing style. I writing a rough outline, then a more detailed outline - then start writing. So I have never really done any jumping around. And I have heard others say it is not a good idea because than you get all the fun stuff done and then don't want to write anymore.

    However, I do mentally map out the best scenes weeks before I get to writing them. And I think it helps to know in which direction I am headed.

    Basically, I say give it a try and see if it works for you. Everyone has a different way of writing.

  2. @Krista. Well, typically I do stick to a structure that I have planned. I know, at the very least, the BASICS of the outline of the story. And I'll write it out and then go through and add in or change anything that needs to be added/changed.

    I also know where I'm going with the book after the scenes that I'm working on right now. The only problem is, I'm at a part where I have to put some filler. I don't want to just jump to the next part, because it would feel a bit to fast-paced. To be realistic, I need another day or two between the two points. I just don't feel like writing them right now. lol.

    But thank you for the comment and advice.