Monday, July 25, 2011


So this blog post is going to be all about support, and not just for me.  I have the privilege of knowing so many wonderful writers through the internet, and I want to help promote them, because it means a lot to me to not only know that I'm not alone out there, but to also have this wonderful support group to help me get through my own journey as a writer.  So here goes...

The first promotions is about a Facebook group called Pen to Paper.  The group's admin. is Dominique Weldon and she prides herself on having such a cozy little group where members know each other so well and are so comfortable with one another.  It's truly a wonderful group, and through it I met most of my fellow writers.

The next promotion is for the owner of P2P, Dominique.  Dominique is a rare find: she's a passionate writer that's serious about what she does, but more rare than that, as a person she's genuinely kind and modest.  She's just a gem.  Not only does Dom have a Facebook Page, she also has her own Blog.  You should all check them out; she's a wonderful friend and loves what she does (writing) so very much.

The End of Her Life is the next promotion I'd like to make.  It's a book being written by a young writer named Savannah.  It's a Dystopian fantasy and, though I haven't read the book, personally, I have heard good things, and I can clearly see the effort that's been put into making it a creative and original piece.

Rue Volley's Bloody & Light series has recently gotten enough attention as to be published.  Yes, that's right, Miss Volley has accomplished what many of us think is only a dream: she's become a published author.  Check out her stunning cover art and links to her book on her Facebook Page, as well as the company that published her, Vamptasy Publishing.

A truly wonderful woman, Sinead MacDoughlas is a mystery writer.  She's incredibly supportive and has an eye for detail that is far beyond what I've seen before.  Check out here Facebook Page, as well as the group for her novel, Learn To Love Me.

And finally, the promotion you've all been waiting for: ME!  I'm not going to give myself any kind words; if those are going to be said, they'll be said by others.  Instead, I shall just direct you to my pages.  Facebook | WattPad | Twitter.

A big THANK YOU to all of you that have been a part of my support group; you mean the world to me.  You're what drive me to keep writing, showing me every day that I can improve and showing me the potential in my own work.  And to those of you that aren't writers, yet still drive me forward (Bri & Krys particularly) you get a big <3 from me.

The biggest thank you of all, though, goes to my co-author, LJ, who's been there through the highs and the lows and with whom I've created a world and a cast of characters that will always be a part of my heart no matter what.  

~Maddi J


  1. I'm always overwhelmed by the supportiveness of this community! I'm really proud to be a part of it. :D

  2. Always. <3 I've yet to come across a true writer that wasn't supportive of others. I think it's because we're all in the same place, no matter how much we've written: always aspiring to be the best that we can be and working to show the world what's going on in our minds.