Thursday, July 7, 2011

Writing Clip

I thought I'd post this up for you guys to read: it's a clip from my co-authored book, Bloody Lovely: In the Clutches.  Hope you enjoy.  (The clips is from Chapter 3 - A New Playmate)


    Jerking up out of his sleep, Dean’s attention was drawn to the door where, clearly, someone was trying to catch his attention.  A raucous of battering made itself audible, as well as a chorus of shouts and screams.
    Behind him, the prisoners were beginning to wake up, their attentions drawn, too, toward the door.  A few looked hopeful, as though this were their savior, come to take them away at last.  Others looked apprehensive, frightened that, whatever it was could only be bad news for them.
    “HELP!” someone screamed from behind the door.  “Damnit, Dean!  Open this door!”
    The thickly-accented voice of his commander pulled Dean out of his frightened daze and over to the door which, after pulling a gun from his belt, he pulled open violently.
    A troop of guards stumbled into the room, all of them, it seemed, struggling with the same thing: a young woman held in the air vertically as her body arched, struggling against their grips on her.  A flash of platinum hair caught Dean’s eye as the girl thrashed about.
    “Well get your asses moving and grab hold, you incompetent-” the commander shouted.  But exactly what they were was lost as the girl let out a shriek and threw all her weight toward the smallest of the guards.  He shouted and let go of her, freeing her arm, which she used to grab at the commander. 
    “Simmons, I swear to god, I will beat you black and blue if you don’t grab hold of this bitch immediately!” the commander shouted as he grappled with the young woman.
    Now closer up, his arms wrapped around one of the thrashing legs, Dean saw that there was a blindfold covering half the girl’s face, making only her mouth visible.  He’d seen this before with other captees.  It prevented them from making eye contact, which many of them needed to do…  Well, whatever it was they did.  In all honesty, Dean wasn’t sure exactly what it was these Workers, as his mother had deemed them, did.  All his life he’d grown up with stories of humans doing amazing things like you wouldn’t believe.  And while working in this strange place, he’d seen some of these amazing things with his own eyes.  He’d come to learn that amazing didn’t necessarily mean good; it could be very, very bad.
    “Damnit, Simmons!” the commander shouted as the small guard lost his grip yet again.
    “I’ve got it,” Dean said, dodging under the girl’s flailing limbs and taking hold of her arm after a moment’s struggle.
    It took five minutes to carry the girl across the room to the cell where Simmons, apparently trying to compensate for his earlier shortcomings, rushed to the door in order to open it.  He then pulled out his gun and pointed it at the gap in the cell wall.
    “Don’t any of you try nothin’!” he shouted.  “Or I’ll put one between your eyes.”
    Just about everyone in the cell was tense, staring at the open door and struggling guards.  Scales tipped in each of their minds, and they asked themselves if it was worth trying.  What would they lose?  Some of them might be severely injured, or die.
    After a moment, the guards heaved the girl forward and tossed her into the cell.  As she flew through the air, her body twisted peculiarly and she landed on her hands and knees.  The door slammed shut behind her and the throng of guards left, Dean and his partners being replaced by three new guards. 
    There was a crowd around the young woman and a loud murmur going through the crowd; people asking after her well-being or wondering who she was.
    “Just.  Get.  Away.”  The people closest to her quieted and looked at her almost in shock.  “I said: Get AWAY!”
    The crowd dispersed almost immediately, backing away from her.  She was still on her hands and knees, her eyes still covered by the thick black blindfold wrapped around her head.  Long, shallow breaths issued from her mouth and her body was tense, every muscle pulled taut.  The inmates kept their distances from her, though nothing could stop their curious stares.

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