Sunday, December 25, 2011

Promotional Videos

So, on my old computer, I took the time to learn how to make videos with Windows Live Movie Maker.  I have the same program on my new laptop, the only exception being that it's an updated version.  So last night, I decided to make myself familiar with the updated version of the program.  I made a video that was alright, but I ended up deleting it and today I started work on another video.

The video is going to be a Promotional Video for the entire Bloody Lovely series that will give a (very VERY) brief overview of the books, mostly just giving the mood of things and a very small hint as to some of the plot points.  I'm mostly just making it for fun, but I'm hoping that it'll be a good-looking video when it's all done.

At this point I can't finish it.  Me and LJ need to pick a font to use for the third book (I'll address this issue below) as well as make a final decision on the title of the fourth book and pick a font for that book, as well.  Once that's done, though, I can finish up the video and I'll be publishing it (unlisted) on YouTube if LJ approves of it.  After that I'll send it to a few writer friends and get their opinions and then I might make the link accessible on my Facebook Page.  We'll see, though.  First me and LJ need to make the final decisions for the texts.

Now, approaching that issue.  This is something that we've been told off for in the past but that we can't seem to change our minds on.  With our Bloody Lovely series, we've selected a different font to go with each book of the series.  The covers will all probably have very similar designs, but all of the fonts on the covers will be different.  People have told us that this isn't a good idea; that it will confuse our readers.  I don't think so.  I think our readers will look at the books, see Bloody Lovely and be able to work out that that book is part of that series.  Plus, I think we'll probably end up putting the numbers on the bind of the books so that people can tell which books go in which order (that's something that's always bugged me, is picking up a book from a series and not knowing which order they go in).

If you'd like to leave your opinion on the issue of different fonts for different books, please do so in a comment below!  I'd love to hear what you have to say on the matter.  Would it confuse you?  Would you think it looked funny?  Let us know!

And of course IT'S CHRISTMAS!  I know you all probably think it's weird that I'm typing up a non-Christmas related blog post ON Christmas, and I'm sorry for any of you that are disappointed by that in some way.  We do celebrate the holiday at my house, but we're the type of family that believes that the celebrating can wait until the afternoon when we have everyone over.  So until then, I'm on and off of the computer, going between this and helping my dad with the cooking and cleaning (my mom's at work; bummer, eh?).

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great Christmas!!! (Or had, depending on when you read this.)  Happy Christmas to all of you!

~Maddi J.

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