Saturday, January 28, 2012

Never Quite Done

It seems to me that, no matter how many times you think you've finished something, it turns out you have just a little more to do.  Take, for example, my recent urge to develop my characters and create character forms about them:

About a month or so ago, I began to write out character bios that included loads of information about my characters; things that might not even come up in the books.  I'll have general facts like full name or birth date to obscure things like allergies or whether or not they have a birth mark.  I guess I just like to know interesting little tidbits that I can throw into the books to make the characters more three-dimensional.  I absolutely adore having my character randomly say something like "Oh, no, I can't eat that, I'm allergic."

Anyway, this post isn't about three-dimensional characters (I talk about that in virtually every post I do; maybe I should make a post on that in and of itself).  This post is about never being done.

So, I finished one of my character's bios and was about halfway through the second when I realized that I'd missed a couple of details that I should include.  I went back and added those details to the first and then the new one and tried to finish.  I ended up saving so that I could come back later and finish.  While I was away from the computer, I thought of yet more details that I needed to include in the bios.  For example: I have descriptions written about the characters, but I still need to simply list physical details because I need to be able to include things like "Character's hair is naturally brown but dyed blond."

As I was thinking about how the bios never seem to be truly finished, I realize that the same applies to the books themselves.  I can go over a story a million times and I find things that I should include, change or remove from it.  The job of a writer is simply never done.

Well, that's my short little rant.  Does anyone else seem to have this problem when it comes to planning or writing (or both, like me)???



  1. I totally agree, I'm always jotting down little things that I need to add or change, and I know that it will always be that way, even when I fact I'm frightened somewhat by the prospect of knowing that nothing is ever finished.


  2. It's a daunting thought. To think that you'll publish a book and later you'll regret not adding something. That's why I think a lot of people make series out of books that they would have otherwise left as singular books: not only do the fans want more, but they want to take the opportunity to add things that they didn't include in the last book.

    Thanks for the comment, Joe.