Monday, February 18, 2013

Starting Fresh

I guess...  Well, I guess it's somewhat true and somewhat not true.  I'm not really starting fresh so much as ridding myself of old projects that I know I will never complete and focusing on those that I think have the potential to be something more.

Frequently, you all have heard me speak about Bloody Lovely, the series that I was going to write with my best friend, Lorelai.  It was an interesting series - a paranormal romance that focused around the lives of 12 teenagers as they struggled to find their places in a world riddled with war.  Unfortunately, this project no longer has any potential.  LJ and I have been speaking less and less; she's very much so focused on her studies and trying to get everything for her future set.  She's confided in me how little she has the urge to write, or even read anymore, and how, even when she sits down and tries, the words just don't come out.

The settlement I've come to in my own mind is that I'll let the series sit for some time, and, in a few years, if I'm feeling up to it, I may write the series out on my own, though, of course, with no intention of ever attempting to publish it.  I would never go against LJ's trust and publish a novel with her characters, but without her input or consent.  That, I think, would be the ultimate in betrayal from what writer to another.

On the other hand, there is another series that I'm working on wtih a different friend.  She goes by the pen name Marie Delores Brennan (don't try to find her on Facebook; she's not there) and we're going to be working on The Nightwalker Chronicles together.  The first book,Bloodlust, I like to describe as being the anti-Twilight, as the whole premise was founded on the idea of a vampire novel that was based around the classic (or mostly classic) vampires that contains very little to no romance at all.  We've got a clear idea of how we're going to write it and what characters are going to be involved in it, and I'm pleased to say that, next hour (I'll still be on break then) I intend to write out the Prologue.

The most interesting aspect of the novel - for me, at least - is that it will be set in the year 1951, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I've never tried writing a novel from so different a period before, and it will be interesting to figure out where it goes.

There are five main branches of The Nightwalker Chroncies - four independent books, and one sub-series.  We ended up coming to this conclusion, as Marie and I have decided to encorporate the general plotlines of our other Vampire/Werewolf books into the world we had developed from the very first book, and then created the fifth book based on a similarity between two of the books.  However, I can't give away any of the details, because, you know, SPOILERS!  I can't stand spoilers, but I'll try not to go off into a rant about them, as I'm sure I'll be preaching to the choir.

Other projects that I'm working on?  Oh, okay!

The Ultimate Powers Series: The Uprising - This is a book that developed over quite the expanded period of time from the original storylines of Bloodlines, a novel I wrote when I was 12 and finished when I was 14 that is actually being re-worked to be part of The Nightwalker Chronicles.  The entire series will focus around the Aberrants - a group of people who were "possessed" by Spirits and can now do fantastical things.  Anything from running at the speed of light to reading minds.  There will be at least five, and anywhere up to eight books in the series, but I haven't gone into too much details as to exactly how I'm going to break the series up, or even how it's going to end.  So I'm still wroking on that.  But it should be interesting.

Alyssa A's Sister - I actually, originally, got this idea from a writing competition that was all about having a title that you dont' want to have.  The ideas developed that this was a girl named Layla who went to high school the year after her sister, Alyssa, graduated and is trying to deal with everyone comparing her to her sister.  And while there are some things that she has to live up to, there are other things that you have to live down.

Other ideas that I have are still in too rough of stages to even mention, but one involves the Elements and is going to be...almost Hunger Games-esque (though I'm trying to make it as little like that as possible).  It's probably the closest to being ready to have the plot shared, though I'm probably going to be turning to Marie or some of my other writing friends to help me in getting that one up and running.

At any rate, this is the first post I've made in QUITE some time, so I suppose I'll say HELLO EVERYONE!  I'm back!  I want to try, once again, to get back into the habit of posting on the blog, but we'll se ehow that goes.  Gosh only knows, it's never really worked in the past.  Not for very long, at least.

So there's my little update there.  Hope to see you all again SOON!