About the Author

Madlen Hawthorne was born on June 7th, 1994 in a small town in Michigan, USA.  She's currently (as of January, 2012) attending a public high school in that very same town, where she's a Senior (12th grade) and will be graduating this coming May.

Madlen (who prefers to go by MJ, Maddi or Dillon) has been writing since she was about seven years old, when she started the habit of changing the endings of her favorite books and stories (her mother had been reading to her from a very young age, so she had many to choose from).  The habit developed into a daily hobby and finally into a passion.  

Beyond writing, Madlen enjoys reading (like any great writer), as well as Volleyball, talking to her friends (who come from all over the world) and blaring music so loud that it makes her head hurt.